Serial CAN-BUS Module


This Serial CAN-BUS provides your Arduino or others MCU with the capability to communication to CAN-BUS, such as hacking your vehicle. CAN-BUS is a common industrial bus because of its long travel distance, medium communication speed and high reliability. This Serial CAN-BUS module is based on MCP2551andMCP2515, which can provide speed up to 1Mb/s. There's Grove connect as well as Grove cable included in the kit, which allows connect the module to your Arduino easily, click to get more about Seeed Grove System.


  • Uart to CAN-BUS communication
  • AT command
  • Up to 115200 Uart baud rate (default 9600)
  • Up to 1Mb/s CAN-BUS baud rate
  • TX and RX led indicator
  • 4pin Grove connector
  • 3.3V working voltage
  • Easy-to-use Arduino library
  • Small size

Size and Hardware Overview

  1. 4 pin 2.0mm Grove Connector
  2. Power and status led indicator
  3. Send and Recv led indicator
  4. 3.5mm terminal to connect to CAN Bus (CAN_H & CAN_L)
  5. 120Ω registor, default connected, if you don't need you cut this pad with a box cutter.


Serial CAN-BUS Module
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